Small tweaks. Savy intel. Satified clients.

ZONE 1: Everything outside your door matters. Cars and buses stalled in traffic. Strangers visiting nearby shops. People scrolling through their smart phone. Their noticing and perceptions matter.

ZONE 2: From your front stoop, to your warm hello, and the short stroll to your chair, visitors make up their minds—to stay or go.

ZONE 3: You’ve made a sale. But can you make a long-term client? A friend that shares their shop experience, their cut—and you.

Why you?

Small business matters. They’re vital to those of us who use them. They add value to our country’s prospects. And, they matter to those who run them—those who invested, trained, and dared to dare.
These people are us. We’re like you. Small. Experienced. And need support for those skills we don’t have time to manage or master.